Enatega Multivendor Web App

Enatega Multivendor now includes a web platform as well, it has the same functionality as in the app but now it comes in web version as well which works cross platform. It is built using React and Material UI. The web version is powered by Apollo GraphQL which gives flexibility of handling State Management, Subscriptions and queries within GraphQL package. No need for extra state management library which makes the codebase alot simpler to use and uses the latest technologies. Just like in App it comes with all the functionalities right out of the box such as payment gateways Paypal and Stripe. Authentication is made using Google, Facebook and Manual authentication. When order is placed it is reflected within all the system so that all the platforms are synced with one another. Multivendor Web has been made made to keep the same design principles like in App to keep the same design feel with good aesthatics in mind. It is completely responsive on all device sizes keep the user experience as a top priority.

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