How do I extract files in Windows?

I want to extract files in Windows. Solution: • Unzip the file. • Right click on the extracted file and select View files. All the files will be extracted.

How we can add other payment method ?

By default, we are providing you with the Stripe payment gateway and Paypal payment gateway, but you can add payment method your choice .You need to change the logic in backend & the mobileApp's.

Can we buy only specific parts of Enatega app backend? like api server etc.

No, we don't provide any specific part of the code base . As our code base is coupled with each other .

How else can i use this product?

You can use this app to build various other apps of same kind of variation for example instead of food you can add any other item that you want for example food ordering app can be a rice ordering app by changing names of items and images.

Does it support localization?

Yes, it supports localization or multi language support. Currently supported language on both mobile app and web dashboard are English, German, French, Khmer and Chinese. More languages can be added on request.

How to add other events in Amplitude?

In Mobile App you need to call Amplitude dashboard api for different variation of actions that you want.

How is the order tracked?

When an order is made the order notification is sent to admin dashboard from where he can accept or cancel the order. The user is notified in the mobile app that is push notification.

What is Amplitude dashboard?

Amplitude dashboard gives you analytics for your mobile app, for the actions that you require. Right now analytics will be shown for user created, user logged in and order placed but you can add as much actions as you want.

How is payment Setup with Expo?

For Payments we have used two of the most popular Gateways Paypal and Stripe. For both payment Gateways WebView is used to integrate payment. Paypal and Stripe have been configured by us to support multiple currencies dynamically that is currencies entered from Web Dashboard. They both function by showing the user checkout page in WebView a token is generated after the user performs payment successfully that is in Stripe. In Paypal the process is different which is described in the links below.